Family company

Magetra International, a family company, promotes initiative and innovation!

Our  flexibility and proactive approach permit us to be a partner that creates added value.

As our greatest asset is that of our human resources, see we encourage team spirit, respect for people and self-development.

We aim to grow with our customers through our dynamic commercial approach and our creativity.

We get our satisfaction from a job well done and we develop partnerships both with our customers and our suppliers.

The environment is of course at the heart of our concerns: clean vehicles, internal company policy of recycling paper, limiting packaging...we are aware of the global stakes and are doing our part to help.

What they think about values ...

"Moral value cannot be replaced by the value of intelligence and I would like to add: Thank goodness!"
Albert Einstein

"Those of value cannot be judged by the number of years they have lived."
Pierre Corneille

"The true value of a man lies not in what he has but in what he is."
Oscar Wilde