Most of the time, during an international transport, the services of a freight forwarder are necessary when the delivery requires several successive means of transport.

The forwarder whose role is to organize and execute the transport of goods on behalf of his client, whether he is the shipper or the recipient, must bring the goods from a point A to a point B ensuring the link between the different means of transport while respecting deadlines and without incurring additional costs.

That is exactly the services MAGEMAR has been offering for many years!


Specialist in international transport and logistics services and member of the experienced family group for over 80 years, MAGEMAR advises its customers and guarantees the most suitable shipping solution, under the best conditions. As an international forwarder, MAGEMAR not only takes care of the loading of the goods from the supplier, of the handling in the warehouses concerned and the booking of a place on the ship, plane or truck that will take care of the delivery, but also supports and guides you to handle the customs clearance process.


Whatever the origin or destination of your cargo, anywhere in the world, for all types of goods, in bulk or in containers, our team is always looking for the best solutions according to your needs.


Furthermore, having a long background in the logistics of natural stone we are also one of the leaders in the market.  For more than 30 years, we have been transporting stone in its various forms: blocks, slabs and monuments, using all types of transport and studying with you the logistics solution to your needs. We transport goods to and from all over Belgium, France and Europe in general. Our own offices in Belgium, Poland and China, as well as our partnerships around the world, notably in India, South Africa and Brazil, enable us to offer fully adapted and competitive solutions for your stone transport.