For all its economic activities, Magetra International makes every effort to provide its customers and partners with quality service.

The respect of all the legislations which frame our activities as well as that of the code of well-being with all its fields, not only the safety but also the physical and mental health of its workers, ergonomics, hygiene and embellishment workplaces that are a priority for management.

This is why we work with approved, certified and knowledgeable suppliers.

In addition to these values, there is an increasingly strong priority: that of the environment.

Already involved for many years via multimodal rail transport which has many advantages in terms of the environment, it is on a daily basis that we activate to be more respectful of environment. And reduce our carbon footprint.

It is together, with the help of mutual respect, questioning, collaboration between all, adequate training and at all levels that we are moving step by step towards continuous improvement.