Quality - Security

Our customers ask for increasingly high levels of service quality. We encourage them to do so and make every effort every day to provide optimum service quality.

We don't just want a certificate, we want our customers to feel in security when they work with us because they know that our certification is alive and active! To achieve this, we talk continuously to our customers to identify their needs and expectations, so that we can satisfy them and create together long term relationships based on trust.

Magetra International SA got its ISO 45001 certification in March 2013 !

Whether it concerns our own staff or our sub-contractors, we ensure that everyone involved strictly respects the safety rules when loading and unloading as well as on the road.

Our drivers have optimised safety equipment and follow regular safety trainings. Our employees also follow material handling trainings. Each of the Magetra sites has PPE and first aid staff who also follow regular refresher courses.

Our Prevention Advisor is at your disposal if you have any questions, as is our ADR Advisor, Mrs. Céline Huberty.

Magetra trains and makes its staff aware of environmental issues and every day tries to reduce the negative impact that its activities may have on it.

Our fleet uses EURO VI trucks and we intensify the use of eco-trailers. We try to reduce as far as possible the distances travelled by the fleet and the installation of the Alert Gasoil on all our vehicles aims to control and reduce the consumption of them.

Our company invests in the combined rail-road transport; an economical and ecological means of transport.