In order to guarantee our customers the best service availability and the standardization of our tools, we have set up a management policy for our IT systems based on both the flexibility and security of our infrastructures.

  • centralization of the architecture and our data on a single site;
  • applications hosted on virtualized servers;
  • tools perfectly in line with the latest market standards.

Thanks to the implementation of this new technology, we have significantly increased the level of security and availability of our information systems.

The centralized infrastructure allows our mobile users to stay connected, wherever they are, to the company's data and services.

Direct links between our computer system and those of our customers can be set up!

Vehicles tracking 

We have chosen the world's largest provider of wireless data transmission solutions to equip our fleet.

Our on line satellite positioning system offers:

  • communication
  • planning
  • protection

 Our subcontractors can benefit from it.